In this mapping activity, you will create a timeline using the dynamic map provided. Use the instructions below to complete your timeline of Saint John XXII from when he was Angelo Guiseppe Roncalli until he was canonized Saint John XXIII.

  • Review the map below, briefly checking out each of the eight markers for the ten events.
  • Then, using the map, create a timeline of Saint John XXIII's life. Each map marker will become an event on your timeline. NOTE: Rome has three events (his election as pope, his death, and his canonization).
  • You will begin with the event of his birth. Be sure to include when he was elected pope. And end when the Church celebrated his canonization. You may wish to add more events not marked on the map.
  • You will need to record the date, place, and significance of each event on your timeline.
  • Safe travels!