Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan

Mariam Thresia - മറിയം ത്രേസ്യ 15

Feast Day: June 6
Beatified: April 9, 2000
Canonized: October 13, 2019

From the time she was very young, Thresia felt called to love God with her whole being. Born in 1876 in Kerala, India, Thresia grew up under the loving instruction of her mother. As a young girl, Thresia fasted and prayed to grow closer to God.

Theresia was very brave and kind. When she was a child, it was considered dangerous for women to travel alone. However, Thresia knew she must travel alone to serve those in need. She and her companions treated the poor, the dying, and the abandoned. Thresia always prayed to the Holy Family for help. She placed her trust in them.

In 1913, Thresia established a prayer house of solitude. She lived a life of prayer and continued to help people. In 1914, Theresia’s prayer house was named the Congregation of the Holy Family. She served God with faith during World War I and built many convents, schools, hostels, a study house, and an orphanage. She served the Indian people with love and compassion. Even after her death in 1926, the Congregation of the Holy Family continued to grow. Today it exists in many countries beyond India.

The impact of Thresia’s love is still felt in India and around the world. She is considered the forerunner to Saint Teresa of Calcutta, as she helped the people of India before Saint Teresa’s time. However, many remember Thresia and honor her as a model of charity, compassion, and holiness.