Andrew of Phú Yên

Interior of Capela de São Francisco Xavier (Macau) 06b

Beatified: March 5, 2000
Feast Day: July 26

Though he lived a short life, Andrew of Phú Yen was an amazing witness for Christ to the people of Vietnam. Born in 1624, Andrew was raised under the loving guidance of his Christian mother. Andrew was intelligent and pure of heart. He studied under Fr. Alexandre de Rhodes, a French Jesuit missionary. He showed himself to be the friar’s brightest student. Andrew joined the Maison Dieu (“House of God”) catechist group and vowed to help spread the Gosepl for all his days. Andrew loved the Lord and wanted to serve Christ with all his heart.

However, there were those in Vietnam who did not support Christianity. The rulers of the region warned the Christians that they must give up their faith or be put to death. Andrew was captured and brought before the rulers. He refused to give up his faith, replying that he willing to face any suffering rather than abandon his beliefs. Andrew was then sentenced to death.

Right before his death in 1624 at the age of nineteen, he cried out to those watching him in the audience. He encouraged the Christians to remain strong in their faith. He cried out the name “Jesus” just before the final stroke that ended his life. Today, Andrew is remembered as an example of courage and faith, even when faced with suffering.