Marguerite Bays

Marguerite Bays

Feast Day: June 27
Beatified: October 29, 1995
Canonized: October 13, 2019

Marguerite was born in 1815 in Fribourg, Switzerland, to a devout Catholic family. She was a bright student who enjoyed praying to God. She prayed to Mary every morning before her chores. In her spare time, she would tell her friends and neighbors about Jesus and his love.

As a young woman, Marguerite worked as a seamstress and a catechist. She cared for her neighbors in need by bringing bread and milk to them and cleaning and mending their clothes. She later became a member of the Secular Franciscan Order. At one point Marguerite was struck with bowel cancer, but she was healed in 1854 when Pope Pius IX prayed a special prayer.

Marguerite experienced God in powerful ways after this time. She continued to serve the poor faithfully. She died in 1879, her funeral attended by hundreds of people as she was remembered for her selfless charity and compassion.