Louis and Zelie Martin

Feast Day: July 12
Canonized: October 18, 2015
Beatified: October 19, 2008

When Louis Martin and his bride, Zelie, were married in 1858, they promised that they would “serve God first” together. They knew that putting God first in their lives would help them to always live with love.

Louis was a watchmaker. Zelie made beautiful lace to help support their growing family. They taught their children to know, love, and serve God. The Catholic Church was an important part of their family life.

Like all married couples, they sometimes faced disappointments and sadness; four of their nine children died at a young age. They turned to God in difficult times and grew more deeply in love as they shared their sorrows and joys with one another.

In 1877, when Thérèse, the Martin’s youngest daughter, was only four years old, Zelie became very ill and died. The family was brokenhearted, but they remembered that Zelie prayed with them to help them understand that her illness and death was part of God’s plan.

Louis lovingly raised his daughters. He generously gave his permission as each one asked to join the convent. He saw this as a sign that God was pleased that he and Zelie had shared their faith and love with their children.

Zelie and Louis Martin’s lives show us that when we live with love, we grow in holiness. The Martins are such a wonderful example of holiness that Pope Benedict named them “Blessed” in 2008 and Pope Francis officially recognized them both as saints. They are the first married couple to ever be canonized together.

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