Catherine of Alexandria

Feast Day: November 25
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

At a time when most children did not go to school, Catherine was privately tutored because she came from a wealthy family; her parents were said to be the pagan king and queen of Alexandria, in Egypt. She was a gifted student and especially loved science and debating. Tradition tells us that she learned about Jesus through her studies and that she made the decision to become a Christian because of everything she learned.

Catherine lived in the third century, at a time when Christians were being persecuted by the Romans. She bravely offered to debate the Emperor Maxentius’ philosophers about her belief in Christ. Catherine spoke so convincingly of her love for Jesus that many of the philosophers asked to be baptized. The emperor had them put to death immediately.

Catherine, too, was sentenced to death. She died as a martyr for our faith. We honor St. Catherine of Alexandria on November 25. She is recognized as the patroness of the clergy, young girls, students, philosophers and wheelwrights, as well as spinners and millers.

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