Marcel Callo

Beatified: October 4, 1987
Feast Day: March 19 (April 19 in Austria)

Marcel Callo was born in France in 1921. Marcel grew up as a typical boy, enjoying games and sports and being in the scouts. However, Marcel was special because of his deep love for the Lord and his deep desire to serve him. Marcel left the scouts and joined the Young Christian Workers, a group that served the poor.

Marcel’s life was peaceful until the outbreak of World War II. He left his family and fiancée behind when he was forced to serve in the army. Marcel continued to serve the Lord no matter where he was, trusting in God for his protection. However, the Nazis became suspicious of Marcel and his Christian activities. He was sentenced to a concentration camp in Austria. He experienced exhausting work with little rest. He was also frequently beaten.

Marcel eventually died in the concentration camp in 1945 due to illnesses for which he could not receive treatment. However, those who saw him before he died said he looked holy and peaceful. Despite his suffering, Marcel was always cheerful and trusting of God. He never stopped telling people about God, even in the darkest of places. Marcel is an example of complete trust in and surrender to God, even when times are difficult.