Isidore Bakanja

Isidor Bakanja

Beatified: April 24, 1994
Feast Day: August 15

Isidore Bakanja was born in 1887 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At the age of eighteen, Isidore accepted Christ through the local missionaries. He loved the Lord dearly and served him as a catechist. He also worked on a plantation. He told everyone he could about Jesus at every opportunity.

One day, Isidore’s supervisor demanded that he take off his scapular of the Virgin Mary. Many people in Isidore’s community did not trust Christians. Isidore refused, and he was then chained and beaten. The plantation’s inspector discovered Isidore and took him to a safe place to recover. However, it was too late, as Isidore’s injuries were too severe. Isidore told the inspector to tell everyone that he was dying because he was a Christian. On his death bed, Isidore said he had already forgiven the man who had beaten him. Isidore promised to continue to pray for his supervisor while in heaven.

Isidore is remembered as an example of patient suffering, grace, and courage.