John the Apostle

Apostle John
Feast Day: December 27
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

John is sometimes called “the beloved disciple” or “John the Evangelist." He was the only one of Jesus’ apostles who did not leave him during his crucifixion and death. In the gospel Jesus even asks John to take care of Mary, the Blessed Mother, after his death.

John’s brother was also an apostle, St. James. Both were called by Jesus early in his public ministry, and like their father, Zebedee, they were fishermen. John witnessed many of Jesus’ miracles. He may have been the youngest of the apostles.

We know that after Jesus’ ascension, John traveled to Asia Minor, telling people about Jesus and founding many new churches. Along with Matthew, Mark, and Luke, John is one of the four Gospel writers. He also wrote three epistles and is believed to have written the Book of Revelation. When you see St. John portrayed in art, you will often see an eagle in the artwork.

A story about John claims that an emperor who persecuted Christians ordered him to be thrown into a pot of boiling oil, but the apostle was left unharmed and without even a mark on his skin when he was pulled out of the pot. The emperor then banished him to an island, where he lived to a very old age and died around the year 100.

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