Margaret of Scotland

Feast Day: November 16 (formerly June 10)
Canonized: 1251

Margaret was an English princess who was born around the year 1045. When her country was invaded, her family escaped by boat. They were headed for Hungary, but a storm crashed their ship on the rocky shore of Scotland. The Scottish king, Malcolm III, invited the family to stay at his castle until their boat could be repaired.

During their visit, Malcolm fell in love with Margaret. He asked her to marry him. Margaret asked Malcolm for time to think about this decision. Although she, too, was falling in love, she always believed that God was calling her to be a nun.

Margaret asked her mother for advice. She talked to a priest about how she could know what God wanted her to do. The priest told her to pray and that God would guide her to make the right decision. After spending time alone in prayer, Margaret knew that God was calling her to a life of service as a wife and mother. Malcolm and Margaret were soon married in his castle.

During their marriage, Margaret and Malcolm grew more deeply in love, God blessed them with eight children. Margaret raised the children to know, love, and serve the Lord.

Margaret had a powerful influence on her husband, too. As the Queen of Scotland, she encouraged Malcolm to educate the Scottish children. She read to him from the Bible and encouraged monasteries to open in Scotland. Together they worked to establish schools and to build churches. Margaret brought clothes and food to the needy people of Scotland. She nursed the sick; she even brought homeless people into the castle.

Margaret and Malcolm shared the gifts God gave them by serving others through the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Margaret died in 1093 and was canonized in 1250.

Her example of care for others reminds us that Jesus calls us to show our love for all of God’s children.

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