Titus of Crete

Saint Titus (Kosovo, 14th c. Pech Patriarch., S. Nicholas church)

Feast Day: January 26
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

We often imitate the people we most admire. This was certainly the case with Timothy and Titus. When St. Paul was on his first missionary journey, both of these men heard Paul preach about how Jesus Christ had changed his life. His words were so convincing that they both converted to Christianity.

Timothy and Titus became traveling companions of St. Paul and they shared in his work of bringing Jesus to others. Titus also served as Paul’s secretary, carefully writing down the words of the letters Paul addressed to the Christian communities he founded.

Both these men were Paul’s representatives. Paul often sent them ahead to prepare the people for his arrival in a new town. After establishing a new Christian community, Paul would move on to a new area to share the Gospel. He often asked Timothy or Titus to stay behind to support and encourage the new community in living their faith.

Perhaps Paul chose Timothy and Titus as his helpers because he saw how patient and considerate they were. Whenever a disagreement or confusion about the Christian life caused trouble in one of the new Christian communities, Paul would often send Timothy or Titus to help solve the problem. Sometimes they delivered a letter from Paul explaining what it meant to be a follower of Christ. It was not unusual for Timothy or Titus to stay with the community to guide them in living Paul’s advice.

Timothy and Titus were both appointed as bishops. This was a sign of their leadership and faithfulness to the early Church. We can pray to these two saints, asking them to help us to become more patient and considerate in our daily lives, as they were.

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